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Pandemic: EoM | Strategy Flash Games | FlashAGame

Pandemic: EoM

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Instructions / How To Play:

You are in control of a virus and must spread and defeat the human race before they find a cure.


Exclamation Mark - Attempt to infect a new country (must have an infected neighboring by land country)

Arrows - Attempt to spread virus in current country (if infected)

Plane - Attempt to infect current country's airport (used to infect a random country on the map)

Water Droplet - Attempt to infect the water supply (making it easer to spread the virus for one turn)

Syringe - Attempt to attack the cure in the current country

Lethality - How quick it kills
Infectivity - How easy it spreads
Drug Resistance - How difficult it is to find a cure for the humans


(written by Wojjie, FlashAGame)

It seems that the greater the virus strength and the more you spread last turn, the more points you get next turn.

That being said, I find it easiest to increase Infectivity of the virus first (as to waste the least amount of points spreading) and then attempt to spread within the country and neighboring in land countries (or airport).

I also noticed that if you do not spread to all countries fast enough, it becomes more difficult to spread there later.

Once you managed to infect all the countries, you can start moving points from Infectivity to Lethality. You can move all the points if you have successfully infected everyone.

One other difficult aspect of the game is when a country gets near reaching the cure, you should attempt to spread to that country at first chance you get and attack the cure if they are 4/5. Countries at 3/5 should be closely watched and kept in your countrol. Also, drug resistance helps in slowing them down if you have problems.

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